Today was not quite like I planned. Most days aren’t. However, I generally start my day with some thought as to what will take place. For instance, today is Sunday. I woke up around 8am. Posted my church’s live stream to the church’s web page. Turned my horse out for the day. Walked the dogs (kind of…it was a super icy morning). Got ready to go to the 11am church service. A normal day. Right? Not quite.

The day before, Christmas day, brought in an ice storm of sorts. Everything I did this morning took even longer because of the super slippery ground. Although I got through everything on my initial list, making it to the 11am church service didn’t happen. I wasn’t too bummed. Since we have church on live stream I could easily watch it on replay, which is what I intended to do, but that didn’t happen at the time I thought it would.

Instead, I got a call from my niece Madison in FL asking for help crocheting. She received a crochet kit from her brother for Christmas and she was having a hard time figuring it out. She wanted to video call and although that wasn’t my plan (not to mention I wasn’t sure how I was going to teach her to crochet via video), I said sure.

Well guess what? We crocheted together via that video call for an hour and a half. It wasn’t necessarily easy to show her what to do via a video, but she’s smart and she picked up fast. She practiced her crochet chains while I worked on the blanket I had been crocheting. I could hear the rest of the family in the background, but she had her ear buds in so they couldn’t hear me. It was just me and her. Did I mention she’s 13?

We had so much fun working together and working on our own pieces quietly. We chatted every now and then and I checked her progress along the way. An hour and a half really went by fast. She apologized for taking so long, but I told her not to worry because I needed to work on my crocheting as well. She then asked me if she should pay me for teaching her (and added that suggestion was from her mom). I laughed and told her no.

You see, my grandma taught me how to crochet when I was around Madison’s age, maybe even a bit younger. I only crocheted pot holders and dish cloths for a time then stopped. In high school, a friend’s grandmother had crocheted several lap cloths, but no one wanted them. I took them and asked my grandma to help me refresh my crocheting skills by crocheting the lap cloths into blankets. Grandma once again showed me how to crochet and that time the skills stuck.

Grandma passed away from cancer long before Madison was born. My grandma, her great-grandma wasn’t around to show her how to crochet. So, I told Madison, since Grandma Peggy wasn’t here to show her then I would show her and that was free of charge.

I absolutely loved spending that time on video call with Madi and crocheting with her. We can’t be together, especially right now because her family is in COVID quarantine and she lives 1100 miles away. But, the video call felt like we were together and it brought such joy and peace to my anxious heart. You see, I’ve been battling bouts of panic and anxiety and today was going OK but the anxiety was lurking in the back of my mind. Before it could grow, though, the Lord sent Madison along. I didn’t know Madi was interested in crocheting. I didn’t know she received a crochet kit for Christmas. I never dreamed she would ask me to help her. It was a God thing and we ended up having a nice afternoon together and my anxious mind has something else to focus on.

Some days don’t go as planned, but don’t be discouraged. Be open to what God may have for you instead. If I would’ve stuck to my set plan I may have missed out on a fun afternoon with Madison. Thank you Lord for knowing what Madison needed and what I needed. Thank you for bringing us together crocheting and allowing us to share in a passion that our grandmother loved long before either of us came onto the scene.

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